From the past few years, Indian entrepreneurs and start-ups are increasing very fast with different different innovative ideas. Similarly, Movable Hoardings are the new innovation and unique idea which is launched by JPSON Group. As we know that every business required audience for their products and services to generate sales and profits. Some of the businesses succeed to connect with the audience for their products & services but some of them failed to do so.

Now an important question arise. How some of business succeed to generate sales & profits?

The answer is they have chosen the right ways of advertising to connect with audience and succeed to achieve their goals. Advertising plays an important role in the success and failure of any business.

Movable Hoarding is the most innovative and unique idea in the field of advertising industry. JPSON Group introduced Ads On Cabs India which is a concept of movable hoardings on Cabs | Taxi’s | Buses | Others. Ads On Cabs India has brought such an innovative and out of the box idea of Movable Hoardings which is quite spectacular. You have never seen such an innovative business model before. Movable Hoarding price is so cheap that even the smallest and biggest traders can adopt it. The impact of Advertising on movable hoarding is also very strong and that too at very low cost.

As we know that No Advertising, No Business. In order to grow any type of business, how important it is to advertise it, and every company spends lakhs of rupees on advertising to increase its business. According to statistics, the company spends up to 50% of its total revenue on advertising, due to which the advertising industry is one of the top business industries in India. You can guess this from the fact that almost all types of businesses were closed when there was a lockdown in the whole country due to an epidemic like Corona, but the business of medical and advertising did not stop even then.

How important is advertising in today's competitive business field and it has become a necessity of every business. If the promotion is missed, the business sinks. Business gets popularity through promotion, your customer stays connected with your brand. Ads On Cabs India is growing very fast and has more than 30 Franchise, almost in every state of India. We provide.
Why Choose Ads On Cabs India (A Brand by JPSON Group)
  • Innovative Movable Hoardings

Unique concept in OOH/Outdoor advertising where we provide advertising services on Cabs, Taxi’s, Buses, Auto Rickshaw, E-Rickshaw, Bikes, Scooters, Human Billboards, etc.

  • Connecting Brands with Audience

Movable Hoardings helps the clients to connect their brands with the audience in very cost effective brand building programs in OOH/Outdoor advertising.

  • High Brand Visibility

Get your brand noticed with high visibility by advertising on Cabs | Taxi’s | Buses in very low investment.

  • Low Investment, High Impressions

Generate High Impression and Visibility with cost effective solution of Movable Hoarding like advertising on Cabs, Taxi’s, Buses, Auto Rickshaw, E-Rickshaw, Bikes, Scooters etc.

  • 1/10th Cost of a Hoarding

Movable Hoardings are most Impact-full advertising which is very cheaper in cost than any other advertising media. Ads On Cabs India is a No.1 Cab Advertising Brand which serve in movable hoardings on cabs, taxi’s, buses and other vehicles.  Ads On Cabs India is a well known name in the advertising industry.